Love for the Great British Baking Show

I rediscovered the Great British Baking Show and fell in love with the people of Britain from a wide variety of backgrounds all linked by an obsession with baking.

The dots in the concentric circles represent technical challenges by season.

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Sweet sorting

While not all of the recipes in this list are sweet enough to be considered desserts, many of them have sugar. The data for this little project was gathered by hand while drooling over the photos. Data set will be linked at the bottom of this page as soon as I get a chance or upon request.

Some of the special themes were moved into the “miscellaneous” category, such as the “Tutor” and “Victorian” categories. I had to remind myself that biscuits are cookies in British parlance.

Show me the eggs

My neighbor recently started plotting with me to start a “chicken share”. Get a few hens, split the responsibility of raising the girls as well as the bounty of eggs. I particularly thought that having a few blue eggs would be nice. But in my fantasy of urban chickens, would there actually be enough eggs for the recipes called for on the Great British Baking Show?

Clearly no. There are some crazy outliers like Charlotte Royale that are over the top with 14 eggs!