Browse-based Shopping: UX Research Comparing Amazon to Competition

Client via University of Washington Student Study



This Quantitative UX Research project’s overarching theme was to better understand customers who frequent browse-based shopping sites such as and

Target question

What are people’s goals and motivations for visiting these sites, and how are these reflected in their behaviors?


Users between 18-35 years of age that are also current users of Wish or AliExpress

Research and Analysis


  • Contextual Inquiry: Conducted 1 hour interview and research sessions with volunteer participants

  • Affinity Mapping: Data was categorized and grouped to find patterns

  • Data Encoding: Used to determine themes and patterns

Themes discovered

  • Low prices were the main reason people shopped at and
  • When most people see an endless number of products that are inexpensive, even those with a tight budget are tempted to purchase.
  • Both and displayed unpredictability in product availability, shipping time and quality, but people still shopped there because of the low prices.
  • Users were distrustful of both and, but the low prices made them try to overcome this by checking the product and seller reviews.
  • Excitement of seeing something unknown is addictive, fun, and overall a positive experience that keeps many users on the sites
  • Low prices compensated for the long shipping times and this got users to return to these websites